Pressure Guages

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are but one of many stored energy devices which benefit from QED pressure gauges, pressure switches or combination pressure gauges with pressure switches in a single package. Checking a QED instrument to see that there is sufficient energy in the system prior to flight insures that fires will be extinguished, doors will open, slides will deploy, emergency braking will work and much, much more.

Pressure Guages

Ground Support

Ground support equipment can benefit from QED pressure gauges due to the rugged nature and long life. With just a single moving part, QED pressure gauges frequently outlive the equipment into which they are installed.

Pressure Guages

Landing Gear

The correct pre-charge of the struts on manned and un-manned aircraft provide for longer life and best function. QED pressure gauges offer long life and accurate readings for this and other applications.

Pressure Guages

Stored Energy Systems

High pressure pneumatics are frequently used to open aircraft doors in the event of a failure of the primary system. Assuring that there is sufficient energy to perform this task is the job of the QED pressure gauge.

Properly pressurized missile guidance systems are essential for the correct function of the seeker in many weapons applications. Light weight, rugged, reliable QED pressure gauges provide a method for assuring the user that once launched, the missile will find its target.

Pressure Guages

Survival Equipment

Emergency slides and rafts require a reliable, leak free pressure source. Assuring that there is sufficient energy in the supply system, QED pressure gauges are a vital component in providing this information to the operators of transport aircraft worldwide.