Mechanical Accelerometers / G-Meters

Electronic E/AA




QED is the remaining manufacturer of mechanical cockpit accelerometers designed and tested to meet the demanding requirements of Mil-A-5885, Mil-A25719, Mil-A-27261 and other Mil-A specifications for:

  • Military
  • General Aviation
  • Agricultural
  • Aerobatic

These applications appreciate the quality and steady function of these instruments. Since the 1950s QED has been the manufacturer-of-choice for the Cockpit Accelerometer; the G-force instrument preferred by the pilots of trainers and transport aircraft worldwide. In the original, mechanical version, the QED cockpit accelerometer continues to keep QED as the first choice for pilots of trainer and transport aircraft and for military forces in 28 countries.




Models are available with or without integral lighting. A variety of ranges for every application make the QED instrument the logical choice for measuring vertical acceleration in aircraft. Because the QED cockpit accelerometer is fully mechanical with no electrical power required for operation, dead stick maneuvers can be measured, reset, and measured again.


-5g to +10g
-2g to +4g​

Model designations with integral lighting (basic model comes with white lights per Mil-L-27160);

Designed & manufactured to meet the requirements of USAF type ABU-4A/A
Designed & manufactured to meet the requirements of USAF type ABU-8A/A

Model designations without lighting:

Designed & manufactured to meet the requirements of USAF type B-6

Designed & manufactured to meet the requirements of USAF type MA-1
Scale Error (Tolerance):
 tolerance 0.2g tolerance 0.1g
1.0 pound (Max.)
1.0 pound (Max.)
Designed to meet the applicable portions of:

Mechanical Accelerometer Parts List


white lighting

White Lighting

Lighting, Instrument, Integral White per General Specification MIL-L-27160

blue lighting

Blue/White Lighting

Blue-Filtered White-Type 1(h) per MIL-C-25050 Blue / White per ANS/ASTM E 308-66 CIE 1976 System

green lighting

Green Lighting

Lighting, Aircraft, Interior, Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) Compatible per MIL-L-85762 Type I

red lighting

Red Lighting

Lighting, Instrument, Integral Red per General Specification MIL-L-25467


Other lighting schemes to meet your requirements are available.