Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges

All pressure gauges are calibrated and tested:

  • 100% helium leak tested
  • 100% calibrated against the master – NIST traceable standards

Our goal is to deliver the best gauge solution to every customer, every time. Whether it’s a new application that involves R & D brainstorming or calibration for an instrument, it’s likely that QED has already built a gauge that meets or exceeds your requirements. Select from our aerospace pressure gauges. 

QED Aero | Pressure Gauges | Accuracy  

ACCURACY Tested by the same methods as master gauge builders
QED specialists will assist you in selecting the level of accuracy that best suits your application.

QED Aero | Pressure Gauges | Vibration
VIBRATION Meets MIL-G-25867 and testing parameters for RTCA DO 160 and Mil-Std-810. Approved for “equipment installed in propeller airplanes and equipment mounted to engines including jet engines”. Special designs tested to 90 gRMS overall.
QED Aero | Pressure Gauges | Shock
SHOCK Shock–tolerant designs to withstand loads up to 100Gs.
QED Aero | Pressure Gauges | Environment
ENVIRONMENT Meets MIL-G-25867 for humidity, salt, fog, fungus, dirt, over-pressure, endurance, seasoning, temperature-altitude, high and low pressure extremes Custom environmental testing is available for RTCA DO 160, Mil-Std-810 and many others.
QED Aero | Pressure Gauges | Temperature

TEMPERATURE QED gauges have been tested to -65 degrees F/ -54 degrees C and + 257F(+120C), so they’re built to withstand the most severe temperature fluctuations . Meets requirements for MIL-G-25867.

QED Aero | Pressure Gauges | Coil

COIL Fabricated from Inconel X-750 on custom built, QED-designed CNC equipment. Compatible with most fluids. Extremely durable, Non-magnetic. Excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance with a very high modulus of elasticity. Beryllium Copper Bourdon coils also available.

QED Aero | Pressure Gauges | Long Lifespan

LONG LIFESPAN QED gauges are designed to outlive the systems into which they are installed. Each unit is a custom-designed piece with engineering that’s unique to each installation.

QED Aero | Pressure Gauges | CNC Machining

IN-HOUSE CNC MACHINING & PROGRAMMING ISO 9001 certification and quality control system ensures that component parts conform to specs. In-house facility managers oversee every step of the process, keeping on-time delivery QED’s highest priority.

QED Aero | Pressure Gauges | Case
CASE Materials are matched to the application. For example, aluminum for light-weight needs, and 300 Series CRES for corrosion resistance or strength. QED fabricates all materials on CNC turning centers.
QED Aero | Pressure Gauges | Lens
LENS Chose the material that best suits your application. QED can supply glass crystals or fabricate plastic lenses in its factory on QED designed, purpose-built machinery. Acrylic (Plexiglas) delivers superb clarity, and is resistant to scratches and UV, while polycarbonate (Lexan) offers greater strength.
QED Aero | Pressure Gauges | Fittings
FITTINGS Hundreds of different styles and sizes in corrosion-resistant, high-strength 300 Series
stainless steel or other materials to suit your needs. All fittings are manufactured in-house to exacting industry standards on our state-of-the-art CNC machines. You can order back-mount, top-mount or bottom mount…the choice is yours.